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Cty Mỹ Á, VP đại diện phân phối và lắp đặt cửa tự động, cổng tự động cao cấp của Horton, Besam, Manusa, Rits-N, Nice tại Việt Nam.

Liên hệ: 090 367 1215

Doors for X-ray rooms

Our lead lined automatic doors for radiology rooms guarantee the isolation of the area thanks to its lead sheet placed in the leaf and in the vision panel. They can be hermetic or not depending on the space that they delimit.

Main features

  • Option of hermetic or not hermetic features depending on the delimited space.
  • A lead laminate blocks the passage of X-rays.
  • Option of leaded chamber view panel.
  • The totality of the door has been designed to guarantee hygiene.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Fully customizable sizes, finish options and colours.
  • Wide range of accessories available.